What we do

Mito Solar is a company based in the Netherlands. We started working on solar energy within our solar boat team. Virtually every component of the boat is custom designed and built to meet our demands for performance, weight and efficiency. This also the case with our solar array. After testing and evaluating various commercial panels we were not satisfied with either performance, customisability and integration. The time came to develop our own solar array; after loads of research and evaluating materials we are now able to produce high quality custom solar arrays for more demanding applications. We gladly share our knowledge and support you in the development and production of a solar array for your application.

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The Team


Jules van Haaren

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Jules is our product developer, he evaluates new materials, produces our modules and is always happy to help with your project


Danny Bokma

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Danny is our electrical engineer, he has years of experience in development of specialised electronics and gladly helps you with the integration of modules