We produce custom solar modules on our production locations in Zwolle and Leeuwarden. Here we have a clean room to assemble solar cells and develop the modules. Currently we are producing our solar arrays by hand to ensure the highest quality, for future projects we are working on automating this process. After assembly we built up the solar laminate, with our laminator we are able to produce full scale solar panels. The finished solar modules are quality checked, electrical, optical and with electroluminescence. In our production proces we are able to:

- built a custom module lay-out

- integrate bypass diodes on flexible circuitry

- have multiple terminals in one module

- add an AR coating increasing power output

We work closely together with other companies in electrical and mechanical engineering to share knowledge, help each other out with engineering issues and the use of specialised equipment.

Sunpower cell assembly
battery assembly
custom terminal ultra flat
AR frontsheet laminate
Electroluminescense test
Load bank testing