We can assist you in the solar application you have in mind. Our services stretch from initial design and engineering towards realisation and production of the solar modules. Together we will search for the best solution and materials to fit your application. At Mito Solar we like to work together by involving you in the design and production. Want to assemble the modules yourself? No problem, we are happy to assist and bring your ideas towards a real product. 

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We engineer tailor-made solutions for our customers. Starting from the idea we work towards a final product, taking into account your demands and requests.


A good encapsulation ensures protection of the fragile solar cells. We developed several encapsulations with great characteristics for certain applications.  

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We assemble and produce our solar modules in-house. This way we have control on the proces and built quality and research new production techniques, like automation.


Research and development is one of the main drivers for Mito Solar. We love experimenting with new materials to improve our solar modules. 

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